BREAKING NEWS: Tentative Agreement Reached In Teacher Contract Talks

Breaking News

Hours of mediation has resulted in a tentative contract agreement between the District 205 School Board and the Galesburg Education Association.

Not only did the terms of the actual contract need to be agreed to, but a separate contract making room for resuming classes on Friday of this week was also developed Wednesday night and into Thursday.

Representatives of the two sides did not address members of the media until about 3 a.m. on Thursday.

The School Board is not making any comments on the terms of the agreement until the GEA has had the opportunity to ratify the contract proposal.

“[Thursday] will be a teacher’s institute from 12 to 5 and we’ll get our activities started right away,” says Superintendent Bart Arthur.

The issue of Recall Rights was repeatedly cited as the lone problem area in contract talks leading into mediation on Wednesday. Few details of the contract are known at this time due to the fact that the contract has yet to be ratified.

GEA Chief Negotiator Luann Statham says the union didn’t get everything they wanted in the contract talks.

“The agreement is something that both sides could live with and whenever you’re negotiating, no one ever gets everything they ask for,” says Statham.

An all membership meeting of the GEA will take place at 8 a.m. at Galesburg High School on Thursday that would act as the final step in approving a contract and resuming classes.

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