Sandburg Board Approves NARS Agreement

Carl Sandburg CollegeA ceremonial signing will be held later in September for Carl Sandburg College.

The school’s Board of Trustees, Thursday night, approved an agreement that designates them as a National Academy of Railroad Sciences site. Sandburg worked with Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas as well as BNSF to make the project happen. Development of the program to begin operating at Carl Sandburg College has taken about two years.

Dean of Career and Technical Services Dr. Lauri White tells WGIL the courses have already been approved by the Illinois Community College Board.

“The instructors will also have to receive higher certification in order to hold that high standard so we will be ready to start rolling these courses out because we were forward thinking,” says White.

Approval of the agreement by the Sandburg Board will allow the school to begin offering program certificates. Sandburg will not only offer approval for Locomotive Electrical training in January of 2015, but will also offer certificates on Locomotive Mechanical in August of that same year.

Carl Sandburg College has put a strong focus on preparing their students with the skills employers are thought to be demanding.

White tells WGIL that while students aren’t necessarily guaranteed a position at an area rail company, completing the courses may give them a leg up.

“Completing the courses successfully definitely gives you the skills and knowledge needed for employment in the rail company, or the rail lines,” says White.

State level officials are expected to be in attendance during that ceremonial signing.

The agreement approved by the Board last night takes effect on Labor Day.

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