City Council to Consider Temporary Parking for Silas Willard

galesburgConstruction of the new Silas Willard school building will soon begin, but the City of Galesburg may soon be playing a role in finding parking.

Because the new site of the building will take up plenty of space, the need for additional parking for parents and faculty has become apparent.

The City of Galesburg met with representatives of District 205 and plans are currently to create diagonal parking along Fifer Street to accommodate the construction.

According to City documents, the School District will be given the authority to put up the necessary signage that may perhaps restrict the hours of use.

The City says that if the matter is approved by the City Council, the new signs would be incorporated into the traffic code.

The parking spaces will first be gravel, but it is expected they will be turned into concrete parking spaces or asphalt by this time next year.

As with other property, the School District will be responsible for their own snow removal at the site.

Tonight’s meeting begins at 6:30 at Galesburg City Hall.

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