Knoxville High Schoolers Return In New Building

It was an even playing field for everyone at Knoxville High School as freshman and seniors alike entered the new building for the first time.

Everyone, regardless of their first year or their last, had the same deer-in-headlights look on their faces as they tried to figure out where their classes were and how to navigate the multi-million dollar building.

Senior Ashleah Hainline says there’s a lot of memories attached to the old building, however, she tells WGIL there are many positives to moving into the new structure.

“I feel like here we’re going to have a lot more experiences and there’s going to be a lot more opportunities here because there’s a lot more technology and better learning environments, so I’m excited to see what it brings,” says Hainline.

For Hainline’s sister, freshman Brionica, it’s more than just the new school that makes being a freshman exciting.

“I excited about the new school and that I get to go to school with my sister for like almost the first time,” says Brionica Hainline.

It seems most people are excited about the amount of space the building has to offer, not just in the classrooms, but in the halls and surrounding areas.

The new school according to Principle Chad Bahnks is really designed for collaborative learning and the space will not only allow students to work together, but teachers to work and collaborate together as well.


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