Monmouth Entertainment Venue Expands Services

The Rivoli Theatre in Monmouth is sort of going back to its glory days.

The theatre – which is currently used as an entertainment venue to host weddings, banquets, and concerts – is now going to offer movies.

Owner-operator Andy Waters says they’re not going to be showing first release movies, but movies that have been out for awhile.

Waters tells WGIL it’s not just about bring movies to the theatre.

“The idea is that my liquor license covers the Rivoli Theatre, and it encompasses both buildings that I own, the Bijou Pub and the Rivoli Theatre,” says Waters. “I already have a fantastic sound system in there, and the idea is that I’m adding more functionality to it by putting in a screen and a projector.”

Waters says he’s looking to also hold events where he’d show the original Star Wars movies, and has even been approached about hosting a Rocky Horror Picture Show event.

He says right now it’s about getting the money needed for the digital projector and retractable screen before he can really plan anything.


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