District 205 Adopts Incomplete Budget

The 2014/15 fiscal year budget was approved by the Galesburg School Board last night, but there is still work to be done.

As was discussed in committee last week, due to the recent completion of the teachers’ strike in Galesburg, budget figures have not yet been finalized. Numbers, especially when it comes to salary schedules, still need to be inserted manually.

School Board member and Budget Committee Chair Rick Welty says this will likely take until October to complete.

“Due to the strike and the resulting return-to-work agreement, Human Resources and Payroll Departments need more time to accurately calculate payroll costs for the fiscal year,” says Welty.

The state of Illinois requires that District 205 have a budget turned in by the end of this month.

An amendment will be presented later this year that will complete the budget going forward.

The Board adopted the budget unanimously.

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