Schilling Blasts Campaign Ads

10-4-14 SchillingThe two sides in a Congressional race in next month’s election continue to claim the other side is being dishonest.

Colona Republican and former17th District Congressman Bobby Schilling went to the Rio farm of Knox County Republican Party Chairman Wayne Saline Friday to primarily talk agriculture, but also indirectly brought up his opponent, incumbent Democrat Cheri Bustos.

Schilling claims campaign ads from the pro-Bustos side are, in his words, disingenuous.

“You would think that in 2009, I woke up out of bed saying, ‘hey,honey.  Millionaires and billionaires don’t have it good enough.  We gotta [sic] send more jobs overseas because we’ve got too many here in America,'” Schilling said.  “That’s ridiculous.”

That refers to Bustos campaign ads that target Schilling allegedly walking out of a meeting involving laid-off workers at a Rockford factory instead of directly answering a question.

On the other side, Democrats claim Schilling ads calling Bustos anti-veteran and that she voted to cut veterans benefits are misleading, because she later voted to have those cuts restored.

Bustos and Schilling get together for their only debate of the campaign this coming Thursday night in Moline. We’ll air the debate live beginning at 6:30 pm on WGIL.

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