Lawmakers Concerned About Ballot Referendums

10-9-14 Sullivan Tracy HammondDon’t be confused by some of what you see, or don’t see, on the November election ballot.

That’s the message from Democratic State Senator John Sullivan and Republican State Representatives Norine Hammond and Jil Tracy, speaking to the Monmouth-Area Chamber of Commerce recently about advisory referendums you will see when you head to the polls November fourth.

Tracy says one question — regarding whether birth control should be required by insurance — is an attempt to trick you.

“In the State of Illinois, employers already have to do that,” Tracy said.  “You also have to do that at the federal level.  So, it’s just a sham to try to rev up and get people inflamed to go out and vote.”

Tracy also called an advisory question regarding increasing the minimum wage “absurd,” since she claims roughly 10 percent of the population has a job where minimum wage is paid.

Tracy and other lawmakers say they’re surprised that term limits didn’t make it to the ballot, despite the fact that there is already a mechanism for term limits in place: elections.

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