Building Committee Approves Courtroom Renovations

Knox County SealThe Knox County Building Committee has approved sending on a recommendation to the entire Knox County Board for renovations to the main second floor courtroom.

The project will cost $180,000 and will consist of asbestos removal, new carpet, upgraded jury box with ramp and renovations to the witness stand.

Committee members agreed the work needed to be done and the time to get to job done was when the money was available.

Committee Chair Greg Bacon explained overall the building committee is in good shape to move forward with these renovations.

“We’re carrying over $171,000,” Bacon said. “We get $65,000 — this is in next year’s budget — from the Court Improvement Fund.  And we’ll get another $68,000 as our cut of the interest off of the landfill money.  So we’ll have $304,000 December first.

The number also includes having Klingner and Associates look into work to be done on the fire escape.

Bacon says when all’s said and done the committee will have about 70-thousand dollars left in their budget.

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