County Board Approved County IT Position

Knox County SealAlthough the measure passed by a vote of 13 to 1 some Knox County Board members still had questions to why the County wanted to move forward with hiring a new full-time IT person. Both Cheryl Nache and Paul Stewart questioned the sense behind spending the money on a full-time position which includes benefits when the County is in such bad financial shape.

Knox County Clerk Scott Erickson told the board the work their current IT person does has become too much for just one person and he’s already finding it hard to keep up on projects.

County Board Chairman Greg Bacon told the board from a financial standpoint hiring someone is more cost-effective than the alternative.

“It’s getting to the point where if we don’t put another person on full-time our departments are going to have to start going out and getting professional services on their own because we cannot provide it we do not have enough man power to provide it.”

Bacon says if they go to an outside firm to provide their IT it’s going to cost a lot more than just hiring a full-time employee.

He says the money for this new employee’s salary will come from the landfill, highway, nursing home and general funds, which Bacon says is how the current IT employee’s salary is paid.

Cheryl Nache was the lone no vote on the matter.


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