Republicans Aiming to Make Inroads in Illinois

CHICAGO (AP)–Republicans are aiming to make serious inroads in Democratic-leaning Illinois when voters go to the polls Tuesday.They are pinning their hopes on a campaign for governor that features a multimillionaire first-time office-seeker and frustrations with the state’s stubborn financial crises.

They’re also counting on the typical falloff in voter turnout for a midterm election.

And the GOP’s looking beyond businessman Bruce Rauner’s challenge to Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn.

The party also is looking to retake several congressional seats it lost to Democrats in 2012 and hold off challenges to the two statewide constitutional offices it controls.

The tipping of just one seat in the Illinois House would allow Republicans to wrest away a veto-proof Democratic supermajority in that chamber, a big help to Rauner if he succeeds.

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