Planning and Zoning Commission Pushes Business to Be Brought Up to Code

The owner of Pookie’s Pet Style Grooming and Gifts, Amy Haynes, spoke with the Galesburg Planning and Zoning Commission last night regarding several requests she made about the state of her property.

Haynes’ property was rezoned back in 20-12 from residential to commercial for the purpose of her business and Commissioner Judy Guenseth wanted to know why the building wasn’t brought up to code after Haynes told the commission back in 2012 she’d have no problem with what the City was requesting.

“I specifically asked you if you were aware of those costs, and you said ‘yes,'” Guenseth said.  “I asked you if you were willing to incur those costs, and you said ‘yes.’  I believed that you understood that the fencing, the parking lot, was part of that.  I guess I’m just a little bit puzzled that now you’re coming back and saying you don’t have the money for it, or you’re not aware of what those issues were.”

Haynes asked the City to waive the fencing and parking lot requirement.   However, it was recommended by the City to deny her request to have the fencing waved.

As for parking, Haynes was given an extra three years to bring that up to code, but was told for now two spots–one handicap and one regular–would work.

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