Holiday Cheer Takes Over Main Street

It would have been nice if snow was falling from the sky and not rain to create a better Holiday Day Parade atmosphere.

But the rain would have to do and it wouldn’t stop the annual Holiday Parade from gracing Main Street in downtown Galesburg Sunday.

The parade, according to organizer Dennis Case, dates back to the 1920’s and has become a true staple in the Galesburg Community.

But as the rain and wet weather took over Sunday some might have wondered why not just reschedule the parade?  Case tells WGIL there are just certain events that just can’t be rescheduled.

“The last thing we want to do is cancel the parade, because you almost can’t reschedule it,”  Case said.  “It’s just too hard because of parade permits, and the stuff of getting people together and getting people together again on a different date two weeks away.  This next weekend is Thanksgiving weekend, so nobody’s going to be available.  The next weekend is when we actually used to hold the parade,  but it’s always been so cold, that’s the reason why we moved it.”

Case says the parade really helps kick off the start of the Holiday season in Galesburg.   He says it’s an event that’s magical and one of the more popular parades because it’s all about the holidays.

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