Fight at Western Illinois University

Several people attending a dance at Western Illinois University caused a fight Friday night — but to hear some students tell it, it was a “riot.”

A spokesperson for WIU confirms an incident happened around 11 o’clock Friday night, prompting a response not only from the Office of Public Safety, but also Illinois State and Macomb Police.  They say a dispute during a dance in the Student Union hosted by the Black Student Association broke out leading to punches be thrown, and that the fight quickly spread to outside the Union.

Officials say Macomb police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd when they allegedly refused orders to leave.

Three people were arrested by campus and Macomb police after the incident. The spokesperson says a total of eight people were injured, but six of those were treated on site, while the remaining two were treated and released from the hospital.

Videos of the incident quickly surfaced on social media, with at least two being posted to YouTube, urging the media to contact them for permission to use on the air.

CLICK HERE for one video of the fight.

CLICK HERE for another video of the fight.

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