Golf Fees Discussed by City Council

1-20-15 Galesburg City CouncilThe Galesburg City Council did not take a final vote last night, but some fees related to Bunker Links Golf Course aren’t sitting well with them, or with residents.

Aldermen discussed last night increasing trail and storage fees for golf carts at the recommendation of the city’s new golf pro — something that will only result in about a thousand dollars in increased revenue for the city.

But it was a fee not being discussed last night that raised the ire of residents. It’s a fee that would mean residents would have to pay every time a passenger rides on their private golf cart.

“Previously, if you have a private cart, you could allow someone to ride in your cart for free,” said Larry Cox, Public Works Director.  “But, the plan is to charge anyone who is riding a cart fee, unless they are a relative of the cart owner.  That’s pretty standard throughout most courses, not all courses.  Most courses are that way.”

Two residents who interrupted the discussion said that wasn’t right, and the reasoning wasn’t good enough for such a fee to be charged.  Aldermen will take a final vote in two weeks on the golf cart-related fees.

The City Council last night did vote to accept bids to demolish six properties necessary for the construction of the East Main Street underpass.

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