Super Bowl Sunday Special Enforcement in Galesburg

With football fans worldwide gearing up for tomorrow’s big game..Galesburg Police are reminding citizens that they will be on high alert all weekend long.

Police announced earlier this week that they will be cracking down on drunk drivers and thoroughly watching for seat belt law violators..conducting special patrols.

Galesburg Police Lieutenant Russell Idle says that “drunk driving is a choice….drink or drive..but never do both.”
Idle says that if you plan on drinking during the game…pass your keys to a sober driver before the party begins.

Galesburg Police remind citizens that if you drive and drive you will be arrested.

Idle also says that Galesburg Police officers will be on a high alert for individuals disobeying seat belt laws. He says that if a motorist is caught without a seat belt…they can anticipate a ticket for ignoring the law.

Galesburg Police say that calling a taxi, using mass transit, spending the night where activity is being held, and using a designated drivers are all ways to avoid a ticket or incarceration.

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