Highway Committee Discusses Road Safety

Knox County SealA recent accident in Knox County is causing local highway officials to consider adding more safety features to one area roadway.

The Knox County Board Highway Committee met last night..where discussion was prompted by board members concerned with a possible blind spot where County Highways 2 and 6 intersect.

Recently an accident that killed two individuals occurred at that intersection. The intersection is currently a 2-way stop.

When asked about converting the intersection into a four-way stop, Knox County Engineer Duane Ratermann said the proposal for additional stop signs might not be the solution.

“If you’re sitting at the intersection stopped, facing west, you look to the south, the car’s got to come up a hill,” Ratermann said.  “It’s not any worse than most intersections we have.  It’s not a blind spot by any means.  The problem is that…people are blowing the stop sign.  Putting more signs up isn’t going to stop them from doing that.”

Ratermann also announced that three bridges within Knox County are scheduled to be replaced this summer. The largest of the three is a bridge near the spoon river on the edge of Persifer Townhip. Both federal and county funds are expected to pay for the estimated $1.1 million project.

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