Sanitary District Approves Contractor Fee Increase, Upgrades System

Members of the Galesburg Sanitary District Board of Trustees met Thursday to discuss various agenda items including an increase to a licensing fee for city contractors.

The $5 per year fee will now move to $100 annually with a $70 installment fee — a fee that will go toward the purchase at cost for new portable hard drives.

Sanitary District Superintendent Steve Davis tells WGIL that the fee is miniscule in comparison to the information that city contractors will now have available to them.

“We refined our process and database into a program — a GIS program — which now…they can access that and actually pull up those records themselves if we give them the appropriate hardware to do it,” Davis said.  “It’s good for them — it’s expeditious for them — because they can access this information, have it at their fingertips.”

Davis says the new process will save the Sanitation district time and resources as well. The board also heard from the management of Bridle Creek Apartments.  Recent sewer flooding of apartments and a defunct manhole were addressed. Under the Sewer Backup Participation Program.  The district will provide up to $3,000 dollars toward repairs.

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