Landmark Commission Looks for Funding

Galesburg-city-signThe Galesburg Landmark Commission will have to search for additional funding to re-print brochures that guide visitors of Galesburg through a walking tour a historical places in the community.

Commission members met last night and learned they would not receive state funding to finance the cost. The commission applied for a $15,000 grant earlier this year to cover the cost.

Commission Associate Planner and Staff Liaison Steve Gugliotta says the commission expected to receive state funds for the walking tour…however city’s with different formats were chosen instead.

“They did attach the list of people who did get some of the funding, and if you look at it the only one that was kind of close to what we’re doing as far as a walking tour is Urbana,” says Gugliotta. “But theirs was interactive and web-based, so I think that’s where they are going with where they want to fund things.”

Guggliotta says now the commission must find other ways of funding. He says partial funds to help finance a re-print are in the budget. Commission members voted and approved asking the Galesburg City Council for $5,000 to help fund the project.

Seeking grant funding from the Galesburg Community Foundation was also discussed..although no decision has been made yet. Gugliotta says the visitors bureau provides some funding ..however those funds were used up on brochures earlier this year.

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