Renovation Plans Continue in District 205

4-9-14 Dist 205 Building CmteAdministrative officials in a local school district continued plans for major renovations to multiple district buildings this afternoon.

The District 205 Building and Grounds Committee met with construction executives from Russell Construction and Klinger and Associates this afternoon, to further discuss outlined renovation plans to Galesburg High School as well as a bid package to re-build the majority of Silas Willard Elementary School.

Committee members approved the package which will cost the district $18.2 million dollars, a number that is reportedly “at budget cost.”

Russell Construction Project Executive Steve Baumann says the district will be able to stay within budget due to various cuts.

“We held out on the playground and recreation equipment–we talked about that last go around–to allow you folks to purchase that directly,” says Baumann. “Because then it won’t be affected by Union labor, and it will save a significant amount of money. That was a judgement call that actually helped us somewhat on our budget.”

Baumann says this is the final bid package for Silas. He says now construction will “go up fast.” Construction crews have already begin work on the foundation and steele work. Sidewalks around the building site will reportedly close next Monday.

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