Funeral Home Owner Leaves “Kind and Gentle” Legacy

Pearson_RichardA local funeral director was a soft spoken man and held a great deal of integrity. That’s according to co-owner of Hinchliff-Pearson-West Funeral Home George Peterson, who describes his former boss as a man of compassion.

Richard “Dick” Pearson, an original owner of Hinchliff-Pearson-West passed away last Thursday at the age of 90. Pearson owned and operated the funeral home for nearly 40 years with his partner, Jack Hinchliff.

Peterson says Pearson had a great deal of involvement with the Noon Lions Club as well. He tells WGIL that volunteering at the club was a big part of his life.

“Well I know it was very important to him,” says Peterson. ” There were very few Wednesday’s when Dick didn’t make it a point of attending The Lions Club–The Noon Lions Club. Even many times when he was out of town, he would do a make-up meeting to kind of work on his perfect attendance, and it was a very important part of his life.”

Peterson says Pearson had a “kind way with the families he worked with,” and that showing kindness to people is always the most important part of the job.

Peterson says those values were passed onto both his family and his work family. 

Visitation services are being held this afternoon. Funeral services will reportedly follow tomorrow morning.

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