East Main Underpass to be Delayed

Galesburg-city-signA local infrastructure project has been delayed, largely due to the scope of the project.

The City of Galesburg will reportedly push back the start date for the underpass project on East Main Street in Galesburg.

The original timeline cited work would start this August, however “design difficulties and coordination” have now pushed that date back until January of 2016.

Galesburg Director of Public Works and City Engineer Wayne Carl tells WGIL that coordination between multiple agencies has made this project more difficult and expansive than others.

“It’s mainly just a coordination issue between IDOT and the Railroad,” says Carl. “Both of them are fairly big organizations so there is numerous people in each agency that we have to coordinate with, and we have to look at track being taken out of service when we go and build.”

Carl says the project will construct three separate railroad bridges that are all tied together..and that whenever one bridge is being a built..another track will have to be taken out of service.

Carl says its essential to look at when to take tracks out of service so that the railroad can still run trains. 

The project will reportedly be far more extensive than that of the two previous overpass projects constructed within the city. 

State funding for the project has not reportedly been effected.

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