Nursing Home Behind Nearly $1M in State Compensation

Knox county nursing homeA local nursing home has reported that revenue is down,largely due to state payments.

The Knox County Nursing Home Committee met last night to discuss the lack of revenue.

Committee Chairmen Jeff Jefferson announced the need for funds to be transferred from the Knox County Nursing Home’s tax levy account to the nursing home’s general fund account to help make up for missing revenue.

The amount of transferred funds is to be determined, as a motion will now go to the Knox County Board.

However, Nursing Home Administrator Rachel Secrist says all in all, the home is down nearly $1M from payments that have not been received yet.

Secrist says that money comes multiple sources such as medicaid as well as a large chunk from managed care companies.

“Our major obstacles in this reimbursement–why we’re not getting paid– is managed care companies are not processing payments in a timely manner,” says Secrist. “Instead of us being able to bill Medicaid for the services we provide, Medicare for the services we provide, HFS for our transportation, a different company for oxygen–all those companies and places– the whole purpose of managed care is to bill only them. We’re not getting any revenue from any of our Health Alliance residents right now, or Molina residents.”

Secrist says managed care companies account for nearly $640,000 worth of the outstanding bills.

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