Pest Control Ready for Spring Bug Infestation

The temperature is warming up outside and people are stepping out, but so are the bugs.

Owner of Four Seasons Pest Control Mark Ferrier says this Spring could bring more little critters than last year.

He says “phones have been going crazy” since temperatures jumped last week, and bugs have come out of their homes.
Ferrier says even though this past winter was fairly mild, his company saw large amounts of ant infestation, especially in what he calls “slab foundation homes.”

Spring wakes the animal kingdom says Ferrier. He tells WGIL’s Galesburg Live that the bugs have arrived.

“That is when mother nature wakes them up,” says Ferrier. “Especially with the ants, we have swarms of ants and termites and just all sorts of different things that have just been hibernating all through the winter time, and now that the sun is out–and that sun is getting the power to it–the temperature’s are going, the ground is thawing, and mother nature says here we go it’s time to celebrate.”

Four seasons handles various types of bug removal. They are located in Galesburg.

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