Housing Authority Administrator Looking to Improve Positive Outlook

12-30-14 Knox County Housing AuthorityA recently hired administration position within the Knox County Housing Authority is looking to make some changes to the image of the organization.

Resource Development Manager Michelle Kim was present this morning at the board’s monthly meeting.

Kim says “it’s important to show people the good things the authority is doing within the community.”

Kim was hired last month to the position. Under her new role, she will be responsible for enhancing a number of social media responsibilities, as well as developing sources of income for the agency.

Kim tells WGIL, that securing new methods of funding is essentially something she’ll be heavily working on in the near future.

“We have luckily been funded through the Galesburg Community Foundation for the past few years and we’ll continue to work them to apply for any funds that they put out there,” says Kim. ” A lot of it will also be building on any community relationships that we already have–with businesses and any individuals here in town, sharing our story, getting them to understand what we do, why it’s important, and what we’re looking to do as we move forward.”

The Housing Authority reportedly provides summer camp and after school programming, as well as a community garden. Kim says the authority is having a large impact.

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