Renovations Continue at Knox County Courthouse

knox county courthouseThe Knox County Courthouse was the main focus of last night’s Knox County Building Committee Meeting.

Klinger and Associates Representative Tony Chinn brought up a proposal for the east stairs, but had no definitive quote.

Chinn covered several projects still in need of completion such as installing new doors into the holding cells and courthouse entrance and creating a new vestibule.

“We’re going to close on replacing the steer truss, installing handrails, keeping the doors as original for historic value, and keeping them in a permanent hold position so they don’t interfere with the handrails,” says Klinger. “We’ll then create a new vestibule with a new pair of doors inside the lobby.”

There was also talks about replacing the acoustic ceiling tiles and the oak walls in the holding cell, which is getting destroyed by prisoners using pieces as weapons.

The doors will be replaced with new ones that will be able to more easily fit a wheelchair through.

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