President Lincoln and First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln Brought to Life in Railroad Days Events

LincolnAbraham and Mary Todd Lincoln were brought to life in Galesburg through two events last night at Knox College.

The first event was Lincoln Meets the Press, where press members asked Lincoln re-enactor Michael Krebs questions from Lincoln’s perspective.

Questions varied from Carl Sandburg’s thoughts on Lincoln’s Galesburg Debate to the transcontinental railroad.

The event was put together by a group of teachers involved in the Lincoln Seminar during the 2008-2009 school year in commemoration of Lincoln’s 200th birthday.

One of the coordinators, Hal Devore tells WGIL that events like this make history more interesting to learn, because it’s about people.

“History is terribly boring if it’s just worksheets,” says Devore. “It’s about people, and it should be about that–it should be interesting, because we’re interested in ourselves. ”

The second event of the night was “Visiting with the Lincolns” where guests could sit and interact with Krebs as Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln re-enactor Debra Ann Miller.

Throughout the performance audiences members witnessed the first lady’s mood swings, Lincoln’s Melancholy and his sarcastic humor.

The re-enactment couple will be around Galesburg throughout Railroad days, with speeches every hour at the Funeral Car Display tomorrow at 10 a.m.

At 1:30 tomorrow, Miller will be performing “Mrs. Lincoln’s Salon” at Central Congregational Church as well.

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