Galesburg Fire Department Cautions Firework Users This Independence Day Weekend

BigBangFireworksCitizens across the nation will be out and about this weekend celebrating the Fourth of July, many of which will likely enjoy fireworks in some capacity.

In Galesburg, Fire Officials are cautioning those who may partake, to keep safety in mind.

New Galesburg Fire Marshal Randy Hovind tells WGIL, that where you light a firework matters as well.

“You cannot use any sort of fireworks, even the legal ones, on public property,” says Hovind. “You can use legal fireworks on your own property.”

Hovind says to make sure to know the difference between what’s legal and what’s not this weekend.

“Fireworks that can’t be used, are anything explosive such as, firecrackers, torpedoes, roman candles, fire bombs–things of that nature. The things that you can sell and use are smoke devices, glow worms, trick noise makers like party poppers.”

Hovind says if you are found using any illegal fireworks, expect a $75 citation. The Marshal adds that the department encourages a fun, but safe holiday.

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