Wataga Man Arrested After Crashing Into Apartment

WGIL News Icon 250px cmpThe Knox County Sheriff’s Department responded to a truck crashing into an apartment building at 447 East Willard Street in Wataga shortly after 7p.m last night.

After illegally squealing his tires close to 400 feet, 37 year old Derek D. Smith, of Wataga lost control of his 2006 Dodge pickup truck, crashing into the multi-story apartment building.

Residents were evacuated from the apartment complex by the Wataga Fire Department, due to concerns of a possible gas leak and collapsing of the building.

Fire officials determined the building was safe to reenter, after investigation. The side of the apartment complex that suffered damage from the truck is currently vacant.

There are no injuries were reported.

Smith was arrested on the scene for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was later charged at the Knox County Jail for illegal squealing, reckless driving, and two counts of DUI.

Authorities are continuing to investigate.

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