Finance Committee Considers Cuts at Budget Meeting

knox county sealThe Knox County Finance Committee met last night for their second of many expected budget meetings in the coming weeks.

A long and at times heated meeting resulted in a number of items on the chopping block, as the county tries to deplete an anticipated $250,000 deficit in the general fund and a now estimated $1.2 Million shortfall for the next fiscal year.

Among potential cuts include layoffs to one of two part time deputy coroners, as well as various expenses that are in question out of that office.

Although no decisions have been made yet, Finance Committee Chairman Greg Bacon tells WGIL that some questions need to be answered.

“I want to know why he needs two,” says Bacon. “I mean when he is out of town he has got another guy. We are paying $5,000 to $6,000 for this and might not use him.”

Meanwhile, committee members decided to eliminate paying for county employees to attend conferences for one year. Certain officials that are required by state law to attend conferences will still do so, however, committee members criticized unfunded mandates. The measure was discussed in a previous finance meeting in which members decided to curtail spending to emergency expenditures only.

Various county maintenance , supply, and equipment budgets will be reduced as well. A temporary county budget is required to be on file by November 1st.

Bacon says the committee is now about halfway through making adjustments, although the Sheriff’s budget, which is the largest department budget in the county is still on the table.

The Committee meets next Monday and Thursday to continue the process.

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