Food and Community Abound at the Scenic Drive

Knox County Scenic DriveToday marks the last day of this year’s Knox County Scenic Drive in the beautiful Spoon River Valley.

Yesterday, Knoxville firefighter Cassie Bell told WGIL she and the Knoxville Fire Protection District were hard at work setting patrons’ taste buds ablaze with their “firehouse chili.”

“We do have a firehouse chili,” Bell said, “It is a really spicy chili. A lot of people like it. We also have our regular chili, but a lot come for the firehouse. And they love the cornbread, a lot of people come for the cornbread. We make everything here. We come in the night before and we start grinding up the meat. So we spend Friday night here and we’re up here at 6 o’clock usually on Saturday and Sunday mornings getting everything ready.”

If Knoxville brought the heat, Maquon brought the sweet. Chairwoman of the Ways and Means Committee for the Maquon Methodist Church Sandy Fleisher  said people love the church’s apple dumplings.

“They’ll be coming in trying to get their apple dumplings,” Bell said. “Yeah, they’re the most popular. They’re what we’re kind of famous for now, I think. We call ’em the ‘amazing apple dumplings.'”

The dumplings were available at the Maquon Fire Station.


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