Knoxville High School to host town hall meeting next week

For the first time in District 202, Knoxville schools will hold a town hall style meeting to discuss the state of the district and answer questions. Scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Knoxville High School, the public meeting will start with a presentation by Superintendent Steve Wilder before discussion is opened up to attendees.

Wilder tells WGIL just what topics he hopes to bring up.

“The state of the district presentation will be kind of general,” Wilder says. “We’ll talk about curriculum, technology, the facilities and then, always one of the favorites, is school finances and the state of the budget. So we’ll hit those at kind of a summary level and then if people have additional questions, we might dig in a little bit deeper.”

He adds that the town hall meeting is designed to provide feedback to attendees as well as the district.

“The goal is really just to further communication with the community, share information from the board and my perspective, but then also to give whoever attends an opportunity to share information back. So just opening up two-way communication with the community.”

The meeting will be held in the high school auditorium.