Galesburg Public Library acquires neighboring bar

The new location of the Galesburg Public Library has just expanded it’s property.

It was approved by the Library Board of Trustees last night to acquire Crazy 8’s bar for a purchasing price of $125,000.

That building that sits at 240 W. Main is directly adjacent to future library site.

Finance Committee Chair, Guy Cahill tells WGIL the buy was right on the mark for they were looking to spend.

“Individually, this particular property was right on our number, actually probably a little bit better in favor of the library,” Cahill says. “Not a significant difference, but it made the purchase a prudent one.”

A representative of the owner of Crazy 8’s approached the Library. Cahill called the offer “out of the blue” and there was no haggling.

He says the the finance committee had decided they would not go forward with efforts to acquire more property outside of those they had already contacted.

Eventually the board hopes to acquire the entire block.

“Those have always been the plans, but not as part of our first phase approach,” Cahill says.

He says the price which was close to the amount that the county assessed the building at, will come out of next year’s budget since the purchase was unexpected.

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