Streets and parks personnel picking up downed limbs

Few property owners were without limbs that succumbed to ice and snow during winter storms last week.In an effort to aid residents that find themselves with fallen fragments of trees, the City of Galesburg is sending crews around town this week to pick up limbs less than ten feet in length.

Parks and street personnel are asking that residents leave branches by the road side and sometime this week crews will dispose of them.

City Engineer Wayne Carl tells WGIL this is a service the city is charged with providing every once in a while.

“It comes up every few years or so when he have a big wind storm or some other type of event like this where almost everybody has some limbs down, so that’s why we’re offering the service to the public and just try to help everybody out.”

Efforts are beginning today on North Fremont with workers maneuvering southbound through town through the week.

Carl highlights however that the city will not take remains from what a private contractor cut down.

He says the pick up is for, “what the private property owner had fall down that they’ve either cut themselves or fell down in their yard and they’ve drug around themselves to the terrace.”

The service will run through when Carl expects crews to be finished on Friday.

Limb pick up days don’t coincide with regular trash pick up days so residents are being told to take branches to the curb immediately.

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