Valentine’s Day spurs floral sales


The week leading up to Valentine’s Day is “extra crazy” for flower shops.

Katie Perez is the owner of downtown floral store Cooks and Company. She tells WGIL Valentine’s Day is one thing, but the Galesburg High School Sweetheart Swirl taking place the day before really bumps sales up.

“We probably do six times what we normally get in,” she says.

Perez adds that people have a variety of tastes in flowers, but old standbys never go out of style.

“We do lots of mixed bouquets with a little bit of everything in there,” she says. “but there are still the people that want a dozen red roses.”

Perez further says that Valentine’s Day landing on a weekend means it hasn’t fully sunk in for people looking to buy for their sweethearts — meaning there will be a lot of last minute shoppers.

Hy-Vee Floral Designer Janeen Hainds (Hayn-ds) says the week leading up to Valentine’s Day keeps the staff plenty busy.

“It’s extremely busy,” she says. “We have so many different things going on for Valentine’s Day besides just flowers. Our roses, our bouquet specials, our promotions. We have blooms and chocolates and plushes. It’s exciting, there’s a lot going on this week.”

Both Perez and Hainds say Mother’s Day is the other big day for flowers.

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