Lunchbox set for mall opening next week


Event catering company Wedding Elegance is expanding to open a restaurant.
Owner Lonnie Sheldon is launching The Lunch Box Supplied by Wedding Elegance at center court of the Sandburg Mall.

Kicking off Mar. 1 the restaurant will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays serving daily specials.

The Lunch Box will have a set daily menu but Sheldon tells WGIL he plans on offering customers a variety of choices.

“Half of The Lunch Box is going to be a bakery,” Sheldon says. “We’ll have cakes, pies, cookies and muffins, homemade breads, all kinds of things. The other half of the restaurant is lunch”.

He says there is one thing that all their food has in common.

“…made from scratch. So if you order a burger we’ll be back there making the patty to put on the grill,” Sheldon says.

Sheldon previously owned a bakery and flower shop in Abingdon and has spent the past nine years working at Wal-Mart primarily in food.
The idea for the new restaurant was born of Wedding Elegance having 33 scheduled weddings to cater and the need for a kitchen.

“The mall was kind of a little bonus for us. It’s a good location and had what we needed for the catering company,” Sheldon says.

On opening day The Lunch Box will be offering a burger, chips, drink combination for $5.

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