Medical Cannabis Outreach teaches residents how to apply for state’s program

In January Gov. Bruce Rauner rejected the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board’s recommendation to expand Illinois’ medical marijuana pilot program to a host of conditions from PTSD to autism to osteoarthritis.

The rejection has some industry experts concerned that the roughly 4,000 patients in the program now are not enough to sustain the infant industry.

Medical Cannabis Outreach wants to increase that number, traveling across the state to assist those who do qualify for medical cannabis can be assured they get it.

One way they educate people on how to sign up is by doing seminars like they did last night at the Galesburg Public Library.

Caprice Sweat is the founder of Medical Cannabis Outreach and has made it her mission to help patients get registered but she tells WGIL the hardest part is getting doctor’s to yes to recommendations for patients.

“90 percent of the people that come to us the first thing they say is, ‘you know I want on this program but my doctor won’t sign the form,” Sweat says. “Once they get over that hurdle then everything else can fall in to place.”

Assisting residents find doctors who will sign the recommendation form is one of the service’s MCO provides.

Sweat was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 17 and says she was hospitalized several times in the next two years as a result of all the prescribed medication she was taking.

She adds that cannabis use has helped her manage her condition and stay prescription pill free for thirty years.

The nearest cannabis dispensary for Galesburg residents is in Canton. MCO will hold another seminar at the library April 9th.

For more information on medical cannabis and on getting assistance signing up visit

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