Drugs found after late-night car fire


A car fire reported last night has police investigating a possible drug suspect.

According to police reports, officers responded late last night to the 800 block of East South Street where a car was in flames. When police arrived, fire crews had extinguished the blaze.

The driver told officers she had spotted a man walking with a red Nike bag and two other black bags ahead of the fire. She said she felt sorry for the man and gave him a lift.

Once in the vehicle, the man lit a cigarette. The driver told him to put it out because gasoline had been spilled on the floor of the front passenger side. Also, a gas can was sitting on the floor.

The car floor ignited and the driver pulled over into an East South Street driveway where the man fled on foot.

In the yard, police found the red bag said to have belonged to man. Officers discovered a bottle with a white chunky material believed to be meth inside the bag. A second bottle containing meth was also recovered at the scene.

Witnesses said they did not see the man described by the driver. The case remains under investigation.

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