Tree and memorial to be dedicated in honor fallen soldier Caleb Lufkin


This Saturday, April 23, Knoxville High School baseball will play a doubleheader at home but the significance of the day pours to outside the chalked lines.

Between the pair of games, a tree will be dedicated and a monument unveiled to honor fallen solider and KHS graduate Caleb Lufkin.

His mother Marcy Gorsline says the “timing is right” as we approach the ten year anniversary of Lufkin’s death.

Lufkin graduated from Knoxville in 2000 playing baseball for the Blue Bullets even clinching a conference title in 2000 with a home run off Lukin’s bat.

This actually the second tree dedicated to Lufkin.

He had a tree that was dedicated at the high school but Knoxville Superintendent Steve Wilder tells WGIL the tree was removed amongst confusion during construction.

“Caleb’s tree unfortunately had to be cut down it was not really able to be moved,” Wilder says. “And there was an error made on my part because the stone had been moved we forgot it was Caleb’s tree.”

Wilder takes responsibility for the tree’s removal and calls it an “injustice” but he sees a positive side to all of this.

“I told somebody the other day the whole silver lining in this situation is while there were very legitimate hard feelings, the hope was that the tree and stone could be place at baseball diamond originally and that’s exactly what’s going to happen now.”

Wilder says the doubleheader starts at 10 a.m. and so the dedication ceremony can be expected around noon.


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