Finance Committee approves putting money from land sale into courthouse repairs


The $760,000 Knox County received from the sale of land on which Love’s Travel Stop and County Store will eventually sit could be going towards the Knox County Board’s quest to tackle courthouse repairs.
Masonry on the outside and electrical work on the inside are what Building and Finance Committee Chair Greg “Chops” Bacon says are the courthouses top two priorities now that the fire escape is being repaired.

But he says the courthouse has long been neglected and the board is committed to maintaining the building.

The Finance Committee moved last night to send before the full board a measure to put all of the money from the farm land sale to Love’s Travel Stop into these courthouse repairs.

Bacon tells WGIL this is a long term investment that is visible to the community.

“It’s good to show,” Bacon says. “We sold that land that was never getting anything and now it’s got something. Instead of just throwing it in the general fund where it’s just wiped out and no one sees it, this way they can see it for generations.”

Bacon says the committee is also eyeing building a new road to the Knox County Nursing Home for around $250,000.

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