Library and 205 extend agreement to provide all students library cards

Last year, Galesburg Public Library Director Harriet Zipfel contacted District 205 about providing library cards to students who live outside Galesburg city limits. 

This time it was 205 who reached out to extend the agreement. The district wanted to test the intergovernmental agreement for a year first.

The library’s board of trustees voted last night to approve an agreement for three more years that allows any 205 student with an address outside of Galesburg to get a library card.

Zipfel tells WGIL the intergovernmental agreement ensures all students in 205 will have access to a library card for three years.

“We can’t do that for free,” Zipfel says. “They (District 205) have to give us something in return and so they allow us to partake in some of the training events of continuing education that they have.”

The library also approved a new logo largely based off the GPL Foundation logo, a green image that resembles both a sun and a book fanned open. 

The Foundation and the Friends of the Library will have similar logos in different colors.

For another month trustees were forced to borrow from library funds to pay the bills.

They moved to take $120,000 from the long term capital fund to be reimbursed when their share of property taxes are distributed.

Finance chair Guy Cahill told trustees, “we have this problem every year at this time.”

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