Mental health board could mean property tax increase


Some Galesburg property owners are feeling nervous about what they may pay in property taxes next year.

But those who help the disabled and mentally ill say the lack of access has reached a crisis point.

KCCDD CEO Mark Rudolph says the sheriff’s office told him they have to spend a lot of money on psychiatric services from Peoria for inmates because the local mental health crisis and lack of services.

Rudolph spoke last night at a Tea Party meeting and says the three-year grant the county health department got from the federal government is “just a drop in the bucket” of what’s needed.

Rudolph says having a mental health board with taxing authority would improve the current situation. 

Galesburg resident Frank Smith listened to Rudolph’s presentation and says he’s open to help people get services.

“I would be interested in finding out the cost of trying to start eliminating some of this,” Smith said. “You talk to anyone that’s working in a school and they’ve got loads of problems with this.”

But some residents say District 205’s plans to raise its tax levy and others might do the same could hurt their own family budgets.

Knox County Board members plan to appoint members to an advisory committee for the Board of Mental Health tomorrow night.

The county board has the power to decide if it will put a referendum on next year’s ballot. Voters would then decide whether or not to create the new board.

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