Knoxville 7th grader brightens Christmas for area children

Knoxville 7th grader Tyler McDonald’s English teacher gave his class the daunting assignment at the beginning of the year to change the world.

He’ll certainly change Christmas for the better for 10 kids that he’s never even met.

For his project, McDonald decided to raise a goal of $300 through a GoFundMe page with proceeds going to buy gifts for kids on the Salvation Army Angel Tree that you can find at several retail outlets.

Shoppers are encouraged to pick up an ornament with a name on it off the tree and buy some of the gifts on the provided wish list for a child who otherwise might not find any gifts under the tree.

McDonald tells WGIL he hopes that by doing something nice for these kids, they’ll remember it and return the act of kindness when they get older.

“I chose to do it because I didn’t know a lot of kids didn’t get Christmas presents and I love Christmas, so, I thought that I’d pick the Angel Tree project,” McDonald says. “I kind of just set a goal to do $30 for each kid and then I chose 10 kids.”

Any money he raises past his $300 goal will go toward buying extra presents for the ten kids already selected, or picking out more kids to buy for.

As of yesterday he has raised $340.

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