City Council approves bid to install Broad Street – Carl Sandburg Drive traffic light

Galesburg Alderman approved a contract that includes installing a traffic light at the intersection of Carl Sandburg Drive and Broad Street.
Alderman Russell Fleming was the lone no vote.

He says the intersection works fine as it is and is perfectly safe, even if it “does meet the requirements for a light.”

He also cited that the city doesn’t have have enough staff at this time to inspect the construction company’s work which will lead to extra dollars being spent.

Aldermen Anderson, Dennis and Allen voted in favor as well as Angela Bastian.

Bastian represents Ward 1, in which the intersection is located and she says the traffic light is badly needed.

“And we have an area in our city that is going to continue to grow and albeit you may not be out at that intersection at the busiest times during the day there is significant impact with traffic during the day at different times but as you go through the week the traffic tends to grow,” Bastian says.

Council also upheld a Planning and Zoning recommendation to reject rezoning a building a 401 S. Soangetaha to be set up as a bar.

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