Parks and Rec Director hoping for three playground upgrades in 2019

Galesburg Parks and Recreation Director Tony Oligney-Estill says after upgrading four playgrounds at city owned parks last year he hopes to get makeovers for another three in 2019.Next on the list would be equipment at Peck, Lancaster and Dale Kelley Tot Lot.

Oligey-Estill plans to replace equipment at all the city’s 17 playgrounds over time and then get on a regular schedule where they can renovate roughly every 17 years.

He says the city will look at a combination of long-term budgeting and grants to do the work.

“We definitely need to put money aside and do some long range budgeting to make this happen,” Oligney-Estill says. “But we’re always looking at finding other revenue sources and grants are one of those that the city uses regularly.”

The three main factors Oligney-Estill has looked at to determine what to renovate next are location, usage and condition of equipment.

He gives for example Peck Park that is somewhat isolated but only has a few swings currently.

Dale Kelley Tot Lot, which the director would like to see converted to a full playground has six pieces of equipment that are in rough shape.
Oligney-Estill says the same could be said for Lancaster Park.

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