Building Committee approves I.T. renovation work

The Knox County Building Committee approved renovation work for the I.T. Department at the Courthouse at Tuesday night’s meeting. 

Committee members received two bids for the work. The first from Mechanical Services Inc. at a total of $14,710, and the second from Hein Construction for $16,260.

Work to be done includes relocating air ducts and sealing them to reduce heat leakage in the I.T. space, relocating the ceiling to meet code, and the installation of acoustic treatment to reduce noise.

The duct work that was installed in the I.T. space was done over the winter when the heating failed at the courthouse.

The committee approved the low bid from MSI, along with the bill for Klingner and Associates for $1,345.50 .

After the heating failure at the courthouse this winter, the county is taking a proactive approach to prevent future costly surprises.

Cody Basham with Klingner and Associates told the committee at last night’s meeting that he was contacted by Board Member Dick Conklin about creating a preventative maintenance schedule.

Basham said he’d have the all the details for the committee at next month’s meeting.

Also brought forward at last night’s meeting was a request to have a culvert and new parking lot exit installed to connect the Knoxville American Legion to the winery road.

Legion Commander Harvey Schofield made the request to the committee, saying that when the parking lot gets full people have a difficult time getting out.

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