Two guns reported stolen in weekend break-in

Two guns, electronics, and around $250 in cash were taken in a burglary that is believed to have occurred this weekend in Galesburg.

Officers were dispatched to the 700-block of Willard Street for a residential burglary at around 11:05 Monday morning. The residents of the home told police that at some point between 12:30 Saturday afternoon and 11:30 Sunday night someone had broken into their house and taken several items and money.

The victims told police that they were out of town for a baby shower and when they got back home they noticed the front door was not shut all the way. After doing a quick look over the house, they didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and went to sleep. The next morning they noticed a laptop computer was missing, and around $200 in cash from a ceramic jar was missing.

Officers identified a basement window to be the point of entry, finding the window screen laying in the yard outside, and broken glass on the basement floor.

A fire-proof safe had been pried open, and at that time the victims discovered that two guns were taken; a Remington 20-gauge shotgun and a 9mm Sarsilmac handgun.

Also taken was a tablet and a glass mug containing $50 in quarters.

The investigation is ongoing.

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