Rauner: I’m not Trump’s “local silent partner”

Governor Bruce Rauner takes some opposition to a Facebook video posted by his Democratic election opponent JB Pritzker that essentially paints President Donald Trump and Rauner with the same brush.

The video in part refers to Trump as a “misogynist” — and Rauner as Trump’s “local silent partner.” Rauner tells WGIL he’s no “silent partner” — but that doesn’t mean he’s completely anti-Trump.

“I work with President Trump just like I tried to work with President Obama,” says Rauner. “My job is to represent the people of Illinois, work with whoever is in The White House, work with Congress, to make sure we get all the federal dollars we need for the State of Illinois, to make sure we are doing the right things.”

Rauner says he agrees with Trump on things like border security aside from separating families, cutting taxes, and trade deals. But in terms of disagreements?

“I think some of [President Trump’s] statements about women are wrong and appalling,” says Rauner. “I think his statement…about defending the politician who physically assaulted a reporter, that was appalling. I vehemently disagree with it. I disagree with his statements about Charlottesville. And I disagree with his policy about separating families at the border. If I agree, I’ll say so. If I disagree, I say so.”

Rauner was in Galesburg Friday for the opening of the Knox County Brewing Company.

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