IHSA doing away with football conferences

The Illinois High School Association member schools have approved a new football format that will eliminate conferences and some rivalries.The new format will start in 2021.

Here are the specifics from the IHSA website: Proposal 23 (passed 324-307-69): Directs the IHSA to implement a football scheduling system for regular-season varsity games that would involve the following: (a) a 9-week regular season, (b) playoff classes determined in advance of the season; (c) schools from each class placed into 8 geographic groups by the IHSA Office to play a round-robin schedule; (d) the remaining games on the regular season schedule to be arranged by the individual schools at their discretion; (e) the top 4 teams in each of the 8 groups qualify for the playoffs, based on games played within each group.

This proposal will take effect starting with the 2021 football season.

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