Weaver and Tracy set priorities for 101st General Assembly

Senators Chuck Weaver and Jil Tracy are refocusing as the 101st General Assembly gets underway this week.

Republican Sen. Jil Tracy was sworn in Thursday after winning another term unopposed in the 47th District.

Tracy was also appointed Senate Minority Whip by Senate Leader Bill Brady.

She’s got her eyes on economic development initiatives which for her mean workers compensation reform and reducing “regulative strains” on employes.

Also with a flavor of bi-partisanship that is especially potent before the realities of governing sets in, Tracy says she looks forward to working with the Pritzker administration on funding public universities and making college more affordable.

Tracy says election time is over and its time to put aside differences to work together.

“People on the street say, ‘how do you do that?’ Well, [we’re elected] to do a job. Certainly, elections are tough but now the challenge is working together and I think I feel a spirit of wanting to see us move in a direction that creates jobs, that works towards a capital bill.”

The source of funding for such a capital bill could be a bone of contention between the two political parties.

Tracy says infrastructure improvement is something particularly needed in the 47th District.

Peoria Republican Sen. Chuck Weaver wasn’t sworn in as he’s in the middle of his term, but still, he participated in inaugural ceremonies in the Chamber.

Weaver says there may be a different dynamic now in Springfield with a Democratic supermajority and a Democratic governor, his loyalty is still with his constituents.

“While it may be a different dynamic down here on how we have to get work done. I’ve still got my loyalty to my constituents and I’m going to continue to work on the things I know are important to them.”

He says that with a new General Assembly it’s time to take a hard look long-time policies to determine what works and what needs to be changed.

Like Tracy, he mentions fiscal responsibility and education as things he will be focused on.

He also hopes for bi-partisan pension reform and what he calls “common sense economic growth initiatives.”

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